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Bonjour! Welcome to Chez Fabien

French restaurant in historic Grapevine, TX

The Main Street Bread Baking Company was born in October 2000 in the historic district of Grapevine, where owners Fabien Goury and Yasmine Bohsali found a welcoming spirit in the culturally rich downtown area. Loyal customers and friends kept Main Street Bakery busy and allowed Chef Fabien to expand the menu and thus, the concept for Chez Fabien was born: Fine dining concept with French inspired cuisine.

Executive Chef Fabien explored different regions in France for inspiration for our current menu. He wanted everyone to enjoy French cuisine his way: simple and delicious amongst friends and family.

Enjoy a glass of wine or unique cocktail in historic downtown Grapevine. Our French-inspired dishes will set the mood for a perfect night with your significant other or with friends and family. Chez Fabien is adjacent to Main Street Bakery.

The Main Street Bakery is fast/casual counter service with limited seating, while Chez Fabien is fine dining for foodies who want to explore French inspired cuisines.

Come for the food, stay for the mood!


Enjoy The Vibe


Crave The Food

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